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  • The Daikin SKYFi is now available.

    9 October at 16:06 from atlas

    This kit can be installed with new or existing Daikin ducted units

    All Daikin Ducted air conditioners manufactured since 2003 are

    potentially Wi-Fi capable

    If the air conditioner is fitted with a Daikin Zone Controller, Daikin SKYFi automatically detects and displays zones, to easily monitor and control each zone with a single tap. each zone can be named, making it easy to remember which zone is which.
    Depending on the model of air conditioner, indoor and outdoor SET temperature is also displayed on the app.

    In order to use the Daikin SKYFi controller, a SKYFi Interface card must be fitted to your air conditioner. Once installed, the SKYFi Interface card allows you to manage your air conditioner via the SKYFi app. If the Wi-Fi network has a permanent internet

    connection then users can control the air conditioner from anywhere their smartphone or

    tablet can connect to the internet.

    Available free, with no subscription costs from Daikin, Daikin SKYFi's Remote Access

    Price $ 505.00 Inc GST    

    Note: Daikin's remote control communications protocol supports a maximum of two controllers. As the Daikin SKYFi control interface is recognised as a controller it cannot be installed on an existing system that already has two remote controllers attached (eg one downstairs and one upstairs). If the home has 2 zone controllers one will need to be disconnected.


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